ANTEA continues to grow being amongst the best international alliances in Turkey and United Arab Emirates

08/05/2019   International Accounting Bulletin is dedicated to tracking and understanding business issues facing networks, associations and large independent firms globally, where ANTEA Alliance of Independent Firms has achieved the top 10 in Turkey and the 14th position in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the publication ANTEA in Turkey has increased by almost 20 per cent its turnover over the previous year, attributed to organic growth and to gains in contacts and clients. Also, ANTEA is the 10th association in this country with more staff providing professional services.

Antea also leaps to 12nd place in staff classification in the United Arab Emirates. Our upward movement in the IAB’s ranking table is a reflection of all of these great achievements and hard work of our members.

ANTEA congratulates all of Turkey and UAE´s members for this spectacular result and we expect to continue on an amazing upward trajectory.


Meet our newest member in Bolivia


 ANTEA adds Torrez & Asociados SRL  as new member in Latin America

We are delighted to introduce you or new member in Bolivia; Torrez & Asociados SRL

Their areas of expertise include audit, taxation, consulting, outsourcing among others. The firm was established in 1998 and have a team over 15 professionals, including 3 partners.

Founded and managed by Roberto Torrez they serve their clients both in English and Spanish


Antea gets excellent positions in regional International Accounting Bulletin 2019 rankings

Antea maintains its position as a leading association in Latin America and Africa being in the top 10

According to the last publication of International Accounting Bulletin Antea is continuing growing worldwide being positioned in all rankings published by regions.

In Latin American countries Antea is currently ranked the 7th position in fee incomes with $33,7million and 6th place by staff data 1259 professionals).

The results in Africa have been also excellent, achieving an amazing 10th and 12th position in fee revenue and staff data respectively, consolidating our position as one of the best associations in the region. It is noteworthy that our association has growth 102% in fee incomes over the previous year.

 In Europe, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, IAB reports very good positions and positive results as well, being in all of them within the 20 best international associations that provides professional multidisciplinary services with the technical expertise required for the clients and other members.

We will continue to develop in this direction, thank you to all our worldwide members for your dedication and commitment!