ANTEA 9th German Circle

Start event: 21/09/2018 End event: 22/09/2018
Localization: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

ANTEA celebrates its 9th German Circle at Amsterdam. 


In the Conference, German-speaking members of Antea will meet from 21st to 22nd September. 


They meet once a year to advance their personal development, exchange experiences, best - practices and to network. 


For more information write to: info@antea-int.com


ANTEA 10th Worldwide Conference

Start event: 15/11/2018 End event: 17/11/2018
Localization: Santo Domingo

ANTEA celebrates its 10th Wordlwide Conference at Dominican Republic 's capital, Santo Domingo, located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, offering unique beaches and an amazing culture. 

In the Conference, ANTEA members will have the chance to reconnect and network together, exchange ideas, learn best practices, and forge lasting business and personal relationships. 

Please take into consideration that the event starts on Thursday 15th with a Welcome dinner, ANTEA Conference will take place on Friday 16th, followed by a tour on Saturday morning.

ANTEA Conferences are opened not only to members, but also to guests who would like to meet members from all over the world and the management team as well as to learn how firms can benefit for being part of ANTEA. 

For more information write to: info@antea-int.com


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