ANTEA 10th LATAM Conference

Start event: 03/05/2018 End event: 05/05/2018
Localization: Lima, Peru

ANTEA celebrates its 10th LATAM Conference, in Lima, Peru.

In addition to the technical program prepared for the conference, the location is very appealing, needless to say that Peru is known for its hospitality, its cuisine and the cultural life of the country.

For more information write to: info@antea-int.com


ANTEA 10th Spring EMEA Conference

Start event: 17/05/2018 End event: 19/05/2018
Localization: Budapest, Hungary

ANTEA celebrates its 10th Spring EMEA Conference, in Budapest, Hungary, located in the heart of Europe. 

An ANTEA Conference is always a special time for knowledge sharing, to reconnect and network together and a great place to forge lasting business relationships,

ANTEA Conferences are opened not only to members, but also to guests who would like to know how the association works. 

For more information write to: info@antea-int.com