Meet Us | Antea Alliance of Independent Firms

Professional solutions for a global world reaching client's needs in different areas.

How can Antea help to serve clients internationally?

Antoni Gómez, CEO of Antea, explains the benefits within the organization.

The value of Antea's organization

Ofir Angel, Chairman of Antea defines the uniqueness of the alliance and the services provided.

Testimonial | Managing Global Tax Risk

Marion Triess, partner from Auren Germany and Board Member explains Antea's global services and quality.

Testimonial | Antea's Benefits

Ari Assayag, partner in France, exposes the benefits of belonging to a multidisciplinary international association for a law firm.

Success Case | Antea as the Essential Piece

Lluís Basart, a testimonial presenting a successful case where Antea played a a significant role in order to achieve outstanding results

Conferences Key Factor | Why participating?

Jimmy Tong Sam, partner in Luxembourg explains the importance to attend conferences for growing professional relationships worldwide.

The Importance of Values | Professional Success

Eugènia Bailach, Antea's Board Member defines the most valuable aspects to reach professional success and client's satisfaction.

Testimonial | Quality Matters

Ben Loveday, Antea's partner in UK and Board Member, explains the importance on the quality of providing services.

A Worldwide Association of Experts

Nicolas Zbinden, lawyer and partner in THV, Switzerland, explains the benefit within their clients to be part of Antea.

Intellectual Property | Trade Secrets Law

Sandra García, lawyer at Auren and Antea member in Spain, explains the most recent developments in the field of Intellectual Property in the European Union.