ANTEA 11th Worldwide Conference unites more than 100 participants in Paris

02/01/2020 Antea celebrated another hugely successful Conference bringing together members from 37 countries in the French capital.

The event was attended by more than 100 members, including some of the newest Antea’s members from Kenya, Czech Republic, Bangladesh, The Dominican Republic, India, Hungary and the UK.

The Conference programme started with an official welcome covering the latest developments during the year, which involved: a membership report, strategic development, updates on some Antea’s marketing tools and the Annual General Meeting.

In this occasion, the agenda made possible the complementation between different and dynamic presentations on subjects of interest to multidisciplinary service firms such as: E-reputation, CRM Software Solutions including a niche group activity which offered opportunities for attendees to interact in specialist forums.

As usual, a colorful mixture of social events, including numerous delicacies, both cultural and culinary, rounded off the Conference.


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