ANTEA achieves first positions in some of the regions of LATAM according to the last IAB Results

04/10/2019 Commensurate with the latest September Edition of the International Rankings, Antea has shot up to the top of international associations respect to the previous year in Peru. Currently Antea reach the 1st and the 2nd position in terms of Annual Fee and Staff Data respectively, up 6 places from last year.

Antea also leaps to a 3rd place in Fee classification in the Colombian ranking getting a 14% more than last year. In the case of Chile, generally Antea remains stable, - a 3rd position both in fee classification and in number of employees- however, there have been registered an increment in staff classification from 57 to 82 employees and a growth of a 36% in terms of turnover compared with last year.

On the other hand, Brazil still remains positioned among the International Top 10 reference firms holding a 9th position in terms of turnover.

We really appreciate to all of our members their participation, and of course we congratulate them on these excellent results that allow us to boast about collaborating with firms that are among the top ones worldwide.