ANTEA keeps growing in Turkey and UAE. The alliance is among the best in Saudi Arabia

05/05/2020 Antea is still growing in Turkey and United Arab Emirates while being among the best alliances in Saudi Arabia.

According to the latest International Accounting Bulletin edition, Antea Alliance of Independent Firms has achieved an incredible 9th in Turkey in both fee & staff classifications, while in United Arab Emirates had got a 13th and a 10th position in fee and staff data respectively. In this issue, Antea also count for the first time with representation in Saudi Arabia, positioning the alliance within the Top 10.

Based on the publication, Turkey has increased by almost a 20% its annual turnover over the previous year. Also, Antea is the 9th association in this country with more staff providing professional services. Regarding the UAE classification, Antea leaps to a 13th place in terms of turnover, increasing a 16% of its annual income.

In the case of Saudi Arabia, Antea achieves an amazing 8th position in both classifications.

Antea congratulates the members from Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia for these incredible results and we look forward to continuing an amazing upward trajectory.